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Design Skills and Expertise

Skills: Headliner
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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one the holy trinity of design software for Graphic Designers, alongside InDesign and Photoshop. It has been vital in the majority of design projects I have undertaken since becoming a professional Graphic Designer and I have since acquired a high level of competency and skill in order to successfully fulfill a client's brief. These include; designing logos, layouts, patterns, packaging and icons.

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop goes hand in hand with design work using InDesign and Illustrator. Whether it be creating imagery that will be placed into these design programs or bringing artwork to life to a client in the form of mockups, orking this way has been essential to communicating ideas.


Adobe Indesign

The use of Adobe InDesign is cruicial skill in the world of Graphic Design, it is most useful for the creation of layout design for print and digital business literature. As a professional Graphic Designer I have become well practiced with InDesign and confident I could bringing your vision to life in the most professional manner.


Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a designer's software for website design. This is a great program for simple web design as it does the hard bit for you. I have tested the limits of this software, building 3 corporate sites, giving me the building blocks to web design.

After Effects.jpg

Adobe After Effects

Adobe AfterEffects is the best software for editing videos and applying stylised effects, which is a very useful skill to have as a graphic designer. I have collaborated with fellow designers to create and amend corporate videos.



Procreate is an iPad application used alongside the Apple pencil. Its main purpose is for digital illustrations but can be used for basic animation and image retouching also. This allows me the freedom to create designs/artwork anywhere I please.



Through my design career I have had various occasions where my photography skills are required, versatility has been key. Owning my own Canon DSLR camera has been integral in successfully bringing clients vision to life where appropriate equipment has been lacking.



Since the early days of my career, I’ve had a strong passion for Illustration and Painting. My speciality in portraiture has been a highly sought after skill, with many clients seeking me out to produce personal commissions.


Screen Printing

During both my study and career I have worked on projects involving screen printing. My knowledge in this area has been undeniably useful for packaging design projects, providing me with a better understanding of the design processes required for various methods of print.


Sign Writing

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression on an audience, a well designed hand written type can give any sign or message a unique edge. It’s crucial to use the right combination of creativity, clarity and character to create an informative and visually appealing design. My skill in Sign Writing has allowed me to produce quality work for a diverse selection clients and businesses for a variety of events.

Skills: Services
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